If you ever wished for a legal way to somehow lock your loved one up in rehab, the state of Florida just may have the statute to make your wish come true! I recently suggested the concept of “Laying down the law with love,” rather than acting out of pure emotion when trying to deal with a loved one battling an addiction. One of the most powerful tools to actually help accomplish that goal just
As a seasoned intervention counselor and licensed psychotherapist, I have learned how truly important it is to ensure that the patient is provided every opportunity to receive a proper clinical diagnosis. Enough symptomatic topsoil needs to be removed, before the patient can get in touch with their own emotional bedrock – the place where real healing can occur. A Multidisciplinary Treatment Approach Drug rehab professionals have the opportunity to significantly improve overall treatment outcomes by identifying the
Today, with the voracious nature of the opioid epidemic spreading like wildfire all across the country, well-trained Intervention professionals are needed now more than ever before. In most cases, there is little time to wait for the addict to somehow come to their senses and reach out for help on their own, nor newly enacted legislation to somehow put all of the dealers and crooked doctors out of business. A qualified professional Interventionist acts as an intermediary