CarePlanPro provides caring, comprehensive, and coast-effective intervention solutions for complex addiction and mental health cases. We are experts in working through all of the red tape, bureaucratic clutter, and logistical confusion associated with locating, securing, and managing care for individual and families, negatively impacted by addiction mental health disorders.

Although we are not not lawyers, we work with the court, local law enforcement, and like-minded attorneys to provide direction, clarity, and support to clinically sound, realistic, and manageable treatment solutions to promote continuity of care and compliance with treatment recommendations and court orders for both addiction mental health treatment. If you have ever been told, “I’m sorry, there is nothing we can do until they try to hurt themselves, or try to hurt someone else,” let me help you now before the next crisis.

We provide services all across the country and throughout the world. Below are some of the legal statues that we apply to create, implement, and monitor comprehensive addiction and mental health treatment solutions that work.

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