Mental Health & Substance Abuse Intervention

Mental Health & Addiction Intervention

YOU can take action now before it is too late. If your loved one has lost the capacity to reach out for help on their own, when they are no longer willing or able to reason and rationalize, when they tell you that they just don’t care, we can help!

We specialize in creating, implementing, and monitoring professional mental health and addiction intervention services in which we strategically raise the bottom with lots of understanding, compassion, and a firm backbone.

Although you have bailed them out jail and financial ruin, vouched for them with employers and significant others for years, your heart-felt rational support seems to end up splattered somewhere on the side of a proverbial brick wall.

CarePlanPro wants to help you break right through the seemingly impenetrable walls of mental illness and substance abuse with a carefully planned, comprehensive, and strategically compassionate professional intervention.

There is HOPE! Together we can significantly increase the prognosis for long-term recovery with a comprehensive intervention plan uniquely designed to support the recovery process for all those involved, not just the identified patient. Once a genuine commitment to focus on the collective solution is established, things can and will get better. And that is what happens as a result of the intervention process.

Your intervention counselor is able to provide constructive guidance, recommendation, and support from the objective standpoint of a well-trained and caring professional. In this way you no longer have to try and make critical decisions alone, such as:

  • • Communicating with your loved one.
  • • Dealing with denial and resistance.
  • • Bringing family and friends together.
  • • Selecting the best drug rehab center.
  • • Working with the program.
  • • Planning for aftercare.

We want our clients to understand that the success of the intervention process is based on a working collaboration between the comprehensive intervention counselor and the collective loving power of concerned family and friends to hold and uphold healthy boundaries strategically outlined in the intervention plan.

It is going to get better. Without question, and contrary to what you may have seen on television, the most challenging part of the intervention process is not trying to convince someone to go to drug rehab. The reality is that by the time someone is physically dependent on drugs and alcohol to make it through the day, they know in their hearts that the party is over. The job of the comprehensive intervention counselor then becomes to carefully help get them off of the proverbial floor with a whole lot of compassion and direction, and then deliver them safely to a healthy and secure place where they can gain the insight to find sobriety after everyone else has left the party.

Help is out there. In reality, and in many cases, the most challenging part of the intervention process is being able to work effectively with concerned family and friends to process significant underlying issues lying just beneath the mantle of the family fabric, while at the same time, causing the least amount of collateral emotional damage along the way. Once all those concerned are ready to begin to work through, process, and make a commitment to overcome the maladaptive layers of communication, infused with years of resentment, secrets, and unresolved trauma, we are able to help the identified individual suffering and in crisis crossover and essentially accept the help that they themselves often times already know that they so desperately need.

We provide professional mental health and addiction intervention services across the country. Call now for a complimentary and completely confidential consultation 305-467-8666