Sober Escort & Companion

Sober Escort & Recovery Companion services are designed to provide caring support and structured direction to individuals transitioning from inpatient residential treatment centers for both substance abuse and mental health disorders. Our licensed Recovery Companions are able to meet with you, or your loved one while still in treatment, and then help to assist in the transition home, wherever that may be.

The goal of the Recovery Companion is to significantly increase the prognosis for long-term recovery by ensuring that aftercare plans are implemented with clarity and structured support for all those involved, while at the same time, promptly addressing and resolving logistical challenges with realistic, manageable, and clinically appropriate solutions.

Your Recovery Companion will work to ensure that you, or your loved will have support, guidance, and direction anywhere along the road to recovery. The Recovery Companion provides individuals in recovery and their respective friends and families with a trusted professional who is able to walk them through the transition process without taking away from their own initiative. The Recovery Companion will also provide daily review and follow up as needed.

Recovery Companion service will help to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with trying to manage and coordinate all of the important pending appointments, meetings, and events on your own.

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  • • Business meetings
  • • Family Gatherings
  • • Outpatient assessments
  • • Court hearings
  • • Medical appointments
  • Travel plans